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Chess Lessons for Beginner to Advanced Players

by Dr. Joel Sauceda (2006 Texas State Amateur Chess Champion) &

(An Official United States Chess Federation Chess Expert)

Current Regular Rating of 2005 USCF (Last Update on 4/5/14)


Private Lessons: $30/Hour (At my residence) or $40/Hour (At your residence)

Discription: Private lessons are strictley on a one on one basis and are focused on improving all parts of your game (Openings, Middle and Endgames) according to your level.


Group Lessons: $10/Student/Hour (Minimum of 5 Students)

Discription: Group lessons are designed to provide a broad understanding of all parts of the game (Opening, Middle and Endgames) to a group of students. Groups my be divided into Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. 5 Students per group requirement applies.

E-mail Dr. Joel Sauceda at: